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Share your story

Every day, women tell me stories about how they have resolved the problems in their lives. Many of them have actually used self-talk as a method to reach new plateaus.

Also, every day, people tell me about their struggles with work transitions and the ways in which they have successfully managed those transitions.

Many of their stories serve as inspiration to others who are experiencing similar changes in their lives.

If you have a story of struggle and/or success on either subject, please share it with me here. I will be collecting anecdotes to bring to audiences nationwide. And, unless you tell me not to do so, I will post some of your stories on this website for others to read. Your name will never be disclosed in my talks, written materials or here on the website.

Send your story to share@drdorothycantor.com.

If you have other questions, please write to info@drdorothycantor.com

I'd love to hear from you!